I hope you’re ready USA because JUCY is getting ready to add some colour to your highways with our  green & purple wheels.  And we’re pretty excited! 

As of the 1st of March 2012 JUCY will officially be open in the United States of America expanding the already extensive rental network and giving customers the option to hire with us in the States as well as New Zealand and Australia. 

The vehicle itself – the JUCY Champ has all the modern features of a small RV including a fridge, gas cooker, sink, DVD player, has two comfortable double beds to sleep up to 4 people and it’s minivan base makes it super easy to drive and zippy!  

JUCY will have branches in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco giving customers the option to collect and return vehicles from any of these locations depending on what suits their travel plans. 

“We are really excited about giving our customers the opportunity to see America with JUCY.  We have always wanted to see JUCY on the roads in US and feel the time is right to make that dream become a reality.  People love and recognise our brand in Australasia and now will have the chance to travel with us in the US”, says Tim Alpe – JUCY’s CEO.

America is such a huge country with massive wide open spaces and interstates that go for miles.  Some of us dream of travelling to America and doing the big American Roadtrip like you see on the movies .  Now JUCY’s giving you that chance to do it in style!

You can find more information on the JUCY Champ here or visit our JUCY USA website.

Lucy xx

P.S  Oh, I nearly forgot.  Check out the JUCY Champ Birth Certificate – just so you know its all official!