Meet Linda & Paul Greenalgh (pictured to the left) who got married six weeks ago and took Coco away for a bit of a honeymoon, or should I say “mini-moon” around the South Island.  If you’re keen to check out more photos from their trip you can do so here.  Jealous?  Then apply to take Coco away on an adventure yourself.  She is FREE!  Check out Love, Lucy xx

Day One

At 4am when the alarm clock sounded, Paul didn’t seem overly enthusiastic about Linda’s cries of “Greenalgh Mini-Moon!”-  it would be a reoccurring event throughout the trip!

Having been married six weeks previously, and having hosted a raft of overseas guests, we were SO ready for an adventure and an escape and were SOOO lucky that Lucy had come to the party upon hearing our cries of desperation.

After our early morning flight from Auckland we enthusiastically devoured breakfast in Christchurch airport before heading to pick up Lucy.  And what a sight she was to behold!!  Lucy was a triumph of purple and green and kitted out with all the gadgets a 21st century couple could need – DVD player, sat nav, iPad, digital camera – the works!!  After being sent on our way by the charming Jucy staff, we stoked up with supplies and headed south (narrowly avoiding a tremor in Christchurch!)

Our final destination of the day was Queenstown but about half way there it became clear that sleep was in order – well, we had been up since 4am!! We found a quite rest stop, made the bed and snoozed for an hour.  Bliss!!

What was not so “bliss-like” was the fact that as we pulled out of the rest stop to continue on our journey we realised with sinking stomachs that Linda had left her iPhone on the roof.  Suffice to say, Lucy probably didn’t notice as she ran her over.  Not the best start to our trip but we were determined not to think about it!

We finally arrived in Queenstown at about 6pm that evening, having taken our time to drive through the picturesque Lindis Pass.  As it was dark when arrived, we felt we had no choice but to park Lucy up and head for the pub!!

Day two

After a FANTASIC sleep, with Lucy keeping us warm and cosy despite the cold overnight temperatures, we finally got a chance to view our AMAZING surroundings!  Queenstown is just incredible – no matter which way you look the view, it is spectacular!

We decided the hype about Bob’s Peak must be right so we took a trip up to the Skyline via the Gondola.  WOW WOW WOW!! The views from up there are incredible!  We decided while up there to release the inner-child and we whizzed around the luge track a few times.  The win was contentious so no accolades or names shall be released!

Given it was our Greenalgh Mini-Moon we decided to treat ourselves to a fancypants dinner that night at Wai Restaurant. Yummy!! Check out our delicious dinner below:

Linda started off with Blue skin bay cockles with kale, chilli, garlic, rouille, crostinin and seaweed broth while Paul kicked off with the Warm terrine of pork belly with black pudding, pedro ximenez, quince and savoy cabbage.  Delicious! (though not sure we’re huge fans of seawater foam?!!)  Next we launched into our mains – East coast monkfish with crispy potato, salt baked celeriac, lentils and parsley for Paul and Fiordland Vension Loin marinated in yoghurt, burnt onion, coffee, chestnuts, chard and beetroot.

After that, our ambitions of a three-course-meal fit for a king were dashed!  We were so full we knew there wasn’t a chance we’d make it… So, we rolled our fat bellies up the hill and sunk into Lucy’s warm embrace.

Day three

Day three saw us pack Lucy up and get on the road.  We visited the historical and picturesque Arrowtown, where Paul particularly enjoyed and found what he felt sure was the worlds only Heritage listed dunny!!

We then meandered our way along the shores of the stunning Lake Hayes, whose reflective waters were all the most impressive on a sunny day with all the trees in glorious autumnal reds and yellows. WOW!!

We regretfully left the lakeside (where Paul managed to photobomb a wedding) and headed for another lake adventure – a cruise around Lake Wakatipu in an elegant old cruiser.  Once again, the views were incredible – and we even managed to get our photo taken at the helm!!

Day four

We woke up early on our final day in Queenstown and cooked an incredible fry-up for breakfast in the ever trusty Lucy kitchen.  We hit the road full of enthusiasm as we headed back to Christchurch via Mt Cook. And boy – what a drive!! We must have stopped at least 5 times to take in the truly spectacular views.  We had never seen such beautiful, rugged and vast countryside – WOW!!

Despite all the stopping we finally arrived in Christchurch. Famished as always (can you tell we like food?) we headed for the local Indian for a delicious slap-up meal.  Then it was back to Lucy to relax with a bottle of wine and enjoy a DVD in her handy built-in DVD player.

Day five

Last day = BOO!!

As macabre as it seems, we knew we couldn’t be in Christchurch without heading into the central city to see the impact of the earthquake.

We felt totally unprepared for what we saw – the devastation was vast and it truly felt as though Christchurch had lost its soul.  We wish all Christchurch’s people our love and strength – what strong people to come through the other end, and having to watch the ongoing demolition of their beloved city.

Feeling a little saddened, Paul decided he knew just the thing to cheer us up – a trip to the Airforce Museum of NZ.  Linda did not agree and went for a nap while Paul enjoyed his boy time… apparently it was great!

With heavy hearts, we made our way to the Jucy offices where we knew we would have to part with our beloved Lucy and head back to reality.

We had the most incredible Greenalgh Mini-Moon and we’re so glad Lucy could be a part of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! xx