JUCY Cruize had their first marriage proposal on board of the Milford Adventurer last week! Richie Chien asked the love of his life to marry him under the Stirling Falls in Milford Sound with the help of Oz, our JUCY boat host.

Stirling Falls is one of New Zealand’s must-see waterfalls and the most famous in Milford Sound. So we couldn’t think of anywhere better to propose to spend the rest of your lives together to the woman you love! Oh, and she said yes (of course). Check out the happily engaged new couple with their beautiful engagement ring!


Our JUCY Crew are our Family.  We work hard and have a load of fun doing it.  We wanted to give you the chance to meet some of the friendly and passionate people behind the scenes at JUCY-ville – so here are a couple of them!

Meet Maya.  Maya is our JUCY USA Manager who is based in Los Angeles!

Meet Sonia.  Sonia is one of the awesome Team Leaders in our Contact Centre based at JUCY HQ in Auckland.

To read more about other members of our JUCY Family take a look at our staff profiles on our website.

Until next time,

Lucy xx

Dear Diary

So another spectacular week in Milford Sound. Does it really get any better than this? Blue, blue skies, sparkling sunshine and plenty of happy travellers enjoying their pleasure cruise in Milford Sound. Even working here, you have to continually pinch yourself to ensure you don’t take the breath-taking scenery for granted!

Summer not only brings some amazing weather to Fiordland, but we also get the chance to meet and say hello to our big cousin cruise ships that visit the coast of New Zealand, including Milford Sound.

On Waitangi day, (a public holiday held each year on 6 February to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document in 1840)  it was the turn of the Caledonian Sky to come into the Milford fjord. The Caledonian Sky is  a beautiful boutique cruise ship which along with its sister ship Island Sky, are said to be two of the finest small cruise ships currently at sea anywhere in the world, operating in the niche luxury cruise market.


Caledonian Sky was completing a 14-day cruise of New Zealand waters and turning around ready to embark on another 14 day luxury, educational,  cruise experience. It was a pleasure to meet all the passengers and in particular have the opportunity to spend some time with the crew whilst they enjoyed a short period of R+R onshore. We wish our new friends a great cruise, safe passage and an amazing New Zealand experience.

Until next time!

Love Lucy & The JUCY Cruize team xx

Dear Diary,

Hello again from Milford Sound! Wow – some absolutely incredible bluebird days along with thundery, heavy rainfall days.  A bit of a mixture, and that is why we love it here.


Two weeks ago we had a pod of Orca Whales venture into the Fiord to say hello. Was amazing!! A first for many guests and also for the staff in here.


If you are thinking about driving into our beautiful slice of paradise, get your cameras ready for a wild and exciting adventure.

See you soon.  Love,

Lucy & JUCY Cruize Milford Sound Team

We’ve had a very JUCY time cruising up, around and down the Fiord here in Milford over the past few weeks. It has been crazy with the road closures of late – tipping the daily routine into a mix bag (spice of life!).

We have since had a whole week of sunshine which was AWESOME.  Everyone was outside soaking up the spring sun. Occasionally an evening storm roared and help create waterfalls that went up (watercups) instead of down, and staggered across the mountains – definitely an impressive way to experience Milford Sound!


At the moment the Fiordland Crested Penguins are in breeding season, so we have been seeing them regularly throughout the cruises – very exciting for us the crew, and of course for our JUCY guests!

The JUCY Cruize Milford Team have been thrilled to have shared our beautiful home with so many people these past weeks – guests from all around the world (Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, Scotland, Israel and Australia, just to name a few).

For those of you yet to venture into Milford Sound – we can’t wait to see you!

Alex, Tristan, Courtney, Dave, Lou, Roger  and of course Lucy! xx

JUCY Cruize MIlford Sound New ZealandBeautiful, amazing, majestic, pristine and magical.  These are just some of the words that you hear people mention when they talk about Milford Sound, New Zealand.  And once you’ve been there you know why.  Milford Sound is one of those places, like the Grand Canyon in the USA.  You know it’s going to be awesome, you hear about how awesome but until you’ve been there yourself and have experienced it you just don’t know how AWESOME it really is!

Getting to Milford Sound is half the adventure.  Yes it’s a long trip, but in my opinion the drive there is just as beautiful and jaw dropping as the actual cruize itself.  Weather you drive there in your own wheels or you jump onto our awesome green & purple JUCY Bus (his name is Gus) you will enjoy amazing scenery on your way down and the photo opportunities are truly endless!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures so on that note check out this little clip showing off a bit of the scenery, JUCY’s boat and the crew.  This will give you a much better idea of what Milford Sound itself is really like…

Some helpful points to remember when visiting Milford Sound

1. It’s a long drive, but it’s worth it.  SO worth it!

2. Don’t forget your camera

3. Ask Questions.  The people who work in Milford live in Milford and they are walking information centres who are passionate about the area – take advantage of it!

4. If you’re a Kiwi – be PROUD.  This is our country and it’s awesome.

5. If you’re not a Kiwi, still be PROUD.  It’s our world, and it’s beautiful.

6. Keep your eyes open for wildlife.  Dolphins, seals and even whales are often spotted during the cruises.

7. Enjoy the experience.  It’s one you will definitely remember!

In summary make sure that this amazing part of the country is on your bucket list while you’re in New Zealand.

Lucy xx

A couple of our crew took one of our JUCY Condo campervans on a roadtrip from Wanaka to Queenstown and filmed their adventure. 

They stopped at different points of interest along the way and the clip is full of tips on fun things to see & do on your adventure.  They do skydiving with Skydive Wanaka, eat Fergburgers, check out AJ Hackett bungy sites and more!

Check it out – it’s great especially if you’re planning a roadtrip in the South.

Lucy xx

SNOW is the word around Milford at the moment look – just look at these photos. We have had all weather this week, snow, storms, hail and avalanches. It’s been great fun in a winter kind of way!


Had 2 lovely honeymoon couples coming on our cruise this week. One on our Jucy coach from Queenstown and the other on our Jucy coach from Te Anau and both on the same day!  Seals and penguins still around this week, which has been awesome.  We love it when we can show people wildlife!

Hope to see you all down here soon to come and look at beautiful Milford in the snow and have a play, just like these guys…..

If you have already cruised with us and loved your JUCY Experience then please vote for us in the Golden Backpack Awards.  You can vote under the NZ section as the Best Activity/Tour Operator  here

Lucy & the JUCY Cruize Milford Sound team


There has been so much gorgeous weather down here the past couple of weeks in Milford I think I have forgotten what the rain looks like, just look at this seal lapping it up if only my life was this easy!

We had a local school group from Balclutha join us for our 1.45pm sailing a couple of weeks ago and they all had a blast and gave us the thumbs up! We’ve seen all three wildlife groups again this week with the lucky customers seeing dolphins, seals and a few penguins! So keep your eyes peeled when you come out cruising.

Just this last week we were lucky enough to see Whales! Yep, we had an incredible week seeing Southern Right Whales which are very, very rare here in the Fiord so everyone onboard and all the crew got SUPER excited. Check out this awesome photo – just to prove we’re not telling tales!


We had a special passenger onboard this week. He was a very interesting man and was walking from Bluff right at the bottom of the South Island all the way to the Auckland in the North Island and he has given himself 3 months to do it. So if you see him on the road, make sure to give him a JUCY wave!

Last but not least on behalf of the JUCY Family we want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our JUCY Crew members Kate & Charlotte who celebrated their birthdays over the past couple of weeks. Happy Birthday girls!

Lucy & the JUCY Cruize Team xx


It’s been another great week here in Milford Sound.  We have had clouds twisting and hugging the mountains making the fiord look mysterious.

We had a birthday boy on our JUCY coach again this week.  We always love when guests have birthdays and we make sure to have lots of laughs and celebrations on the cruise to make sure it’s a memorable day!

One guy on the cruise this week wanted to test out his new wet weather gear and stayed out under the Stirling Falls.  Thumbs up to him, and for the record his wet weather gear survived the test!

Hope to see you all here soon to enjoy our JUCY Cruize.

Lots of Love
Lucy & the team from JUCY Cruize xx